What Clients Are Saying!



  Eric Albertson, Certified EOS Implementer- Business Growth Expert

  ​​​​​​​​"Tasha is the ultimate in professional, gracious, fast, effective with a level of determination that plows through obstacles.  Her answer to most requests is "I'm on it"... and it is done and done well.   Above all, she is a very fast learner.   I just can't say enough."


Autonnette McLaughlin, Business Process Outsourcing -Inbound ​and Outbound Calls

  ​​"When working with Tasha, I know each step of the process is handled efficiently and with integrity. She quickly grasps the core of the project and asks appropriate questions to get the job done." 

Darnell Boyd Jr., Organic Pick Me Up

   ​​ ​​​"I was having a difficult time prioritizing, organizing, and flat out putting my plans into action. Help On Deck has helped my business grow on many levels. Tasha provides a customized service that allows me to delegate the tedious tasks of owning a business, implement my business ideas, and goals, all while SAVING my business money. If you are looking for RELIABLE and QUALITY help with your business and or endeavors, Help On Deck is the right place for you!"

Denyse Claire Bauer, Successful Living Strategies

 ​​​"Tasha is very knowledgeable in her field.   She is professional and caring, always willing to go the extra mile. I feel blessed to work with her."      

Jess Dewell, Red Direction

"When I reached out to Tasha, I had just an idea of a new system and process I wanted to create.  She listened, did her research, and together we created a plan she is implementing and maintaining for me.  Tasha brings ideas backed up by experience and study for consideration.  When she says she will do something, she does it entirely and by the agreed upon deadline. One bonus for me is that when a gap exists Tasha sees it and brings it to the table for discussion.  She has become part of the team and is invested in the success of the team to reach our goal."  

Jamie Grainger, 
Crafted Connections, LLC 

"Help on Deck is a true quality company that
one can rely on!! I got the pleasure of being able to work alongside Tasha, and she has been nothing but fantastic in helping my partners, and I gain a real sense of what a work/life balance entails, along with acting as a support when it came to growing our business!"   

Sharon Simmons, Co-Founder, Cities for CEDAW Task Force Secretariat

"I had the honor of working with Tasha, Owner of Help On Deck at a couple of events recently in Colorado. She was focused and kept the events moving smoothly. Help On Deck handled many logistical aspects of the event all while providing professional service. Tasha certainly has her finger on the pulse of current business in a fast-paced world."